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SUPER Street Fighter 4 announced [Sep. 30th, 2009|01:44 am]
Manga Bento in (Video) Games


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What, you thought Capcom would come out with a Street Fighter numbered sequel and not have second editions and remakes?

SUPER Street Fighter 4 is announced to be released next spring. However, it'll only be released to consoles, not arcades. Unlike the Championship Edition version released as a patch for the consoles, the new edition of the game will come packaged as a new game, with no announced plans to release the SUPER edition as a DLC pack.

So far, three new characters have been revealed playable, with two of them filling up the missing roster additions to Super Street Fighter 2, Dee Jay and T.Hawk. There is also a newcomer, Juri, a korean fighter who seems a little King Of Fighters-ey.